You Mamas So Ugly…

– Yo Mamas so ugly, when she joined an ugly contest, they said Sorry, no professionals

– Yo Mamas so ugly, just after she was born, her mother said, What a treasure! and her father said, Yeah! Lets go bury it!

– Yo Mamas so ugly, they push her face into dough to make gorilla cookies.

– Yo Mamas so ugly, when she was born, the doctor slapped the wrong end.

– Yo Mamas so ugly, they didnt make a costume for her when she tried out for Star Wars.

– Yo Mamas so ugly, when she walks down the street in September, people say, Damn! Is it Halloween already?

– Yo Mamas so ugly, the govt. moved Halloween to her birthday.

– Yo Mamas so ugly, her mom had to feed her with a sling shot.

– Yo Mamas so ugly, she had to trick-or-treat over the phone.

– Yo Mamas so ugly, two guys broke into her apt., she yelled rape, they yelled NO!

– Yo mamas so ugly, shes like Taco Bell. When people see her, they run for the border.

– Yo mamas so ugly, it looks like her neck threw up.

– Yo mamas so ugly, rice crispies wont even talk to her.

– Yo mamas so ugly, she scares people even with the lights out.

– Yo mamas so ugly, they pay her to put her clothes on in strip joints.

– Yo mamas so ugly, when your dad wants to have sex in the car, he tells her to get out.

– Yo mamas so ugly, that your father takes her to work with him so that he doesnt have to kiss her goodbye.

– Yo mamas so ugly, I took her to the zoo, guy at the door said Thanks for bringing her back.

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