11. I find it hard

11. I find it hard to concentrate without 20 fans running. 10. I needed a home for my dust bunnies. 9. My plans to open a computer museum, might just get venture capital someday. 8. Three more and I can host a LAN party. 7. The command line will make a comeback, and I want to be ready. 6. Maybe the burglars will steal the old one instead of the new one. 5. When you get a new friend, do you get rid of the old ones? 4. Where else could you get a space heater that also runs Seti@home. 3. Its not obsolete, its previously functional. 2. So I can complain about how slow the new Microsoft operating system runs on it. 1. You never know when your first three computers go down and you need a fourth back up.

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