2 true crime stories

Here I have two burglar stories:

The first one was about 4 years ago, in the bank, a guy stealed a check for about $50,000,000.00 mexican pesos (about USD $25,000.00 in that time) from another guy who was in the line.

Two police officers started to chase him, and when the guy realized that he will never get to collect the check, he ate it. The police had to release him as they didnt had any evidence of the crime. (The guy was in front of me in the line so, i guess it is true)

The second story is about another bank robbery, a man with no weapons robbed 3 banks in 30 minutes, How? The 3 banks are very close enough to make th is stunt. He entered the bank, tell the manager this is a robbery, i have no gun, but if you see, top of that building, there is a friend of mine with a shotgun and hes aiming at you, now gimme the money. He grabbed the money and proceed to the next bank. He repeated the same procedure in each bank and went away.

3 hous later, when they realized that the guy with the shotgun still there, the police, shure that they will catch the tief, went to the building and they finded… A dummy made with old clothes holding a broom!!!

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