20 Reasons Barfing Is Better Than School Food

After you barf, you feel better
You can barf whenever you want
When you barf, you dont have to wait in line
Barf is always warm
You dont have to sneak barf out of the cafeteria
When youre barfing, a bent spoon is an advantage
You can lose weight barfing
You dont have to pay to barf
Barf is SUPPOSED to look like that
When you barf, you don[t have to come back for seconds
You dont have to barf everyday
Barfing can never cause you to eat school food afterward
You can barf without a photo ID
Barf is organic and biodegradable
They dont ration barf.
After you barf, at least you know what youve eaten
Plastic barf is funny; plastic school food is redundant
You dont have to barf the same thing five days in a row
A dog will eat barf
After you barf, at least there is some taste in your mouth

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