20 Signs Youve Been on Campus too Long

20 Signs Youve Been on Campus too Long


Think that McDonalds/Burger King is real food.

Know more than 5 uses for milk crates.

Can give a guided tour to anyone after 2 weeks.

Call home and think its a wrong number.

Call your best friends house and think its the right number to your house.

Can sing your schools fight song after only one weekend.

Think that going to the mall is a special trip.

Start doing homework.

Have conversations about homework.

Know your roomies life like it was your own.

Ask your girlfriend out to the campus restaurant.

Stay in the dorm for weekends.

Call your dorm room home.

Have a list of carbon copies as long as I do for one piece of E-Mail.

Start thinking that the only people left on earth are the people who go to your college/university.

Can recommend web sites to your friends.

Know about more web sites than Yahoo!

Want to be Greek, even though youre not ethnically Greek.

Start doing your own wash.

Think that its okay to call people at midnight, off campus!

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