3 men men stranded on a deserted island

There are three men stranded on a deserted island (hmm sounds familiar).

One is Italian, one is Irish and the other Polish. They have been on the Island for close to six months and have developed a great rapport with one another and become the best of friends.

One day they are searching the shore for a sign of passing boats when they come across a bottle. When the Italian rubs the bottle a genie comes out (can you believe it!). The genie thanks the three men and says I will grant you three wishes, but it can only be one wish each and I am so tired of being in the bottle for so long it might take a couple of weeks between wishes.

So the Italian says I wish I was back in Rome eating a big plate of antipasto

POOF!!! he is back in Rome like he wished. A couple of weeks later the Genie says ok, to the Irishman, What is your wish

The Irishman replies, I wish I was back in Dublin at Mac Murphys pub with a pint of lager. POOF!!! He gets his wish.

A couple of more weeks go by and the Genie tells the Polish person that it is his turn. The Polish person says Gee I really miss those guys I wish they were here!!!

If you heard it before who cares!!. You have just heard it again!!!

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