3 people die in a plane crash

Johh Major, Tony Blair and Paddy Ashdown are all killed in a plane crash.

St. Peter welcomes them to the after life and shows down this seemingly infinetely long corridor with doors down both sides. Eventually they stop at a door behind which is a stone cell with only a stone furniture. For all the sins in your lifetime Paddy Ashdown says St. Peter this is your home for eternity. With that he pushes Paddy in and locks the door.

Further down the corridor is another room. Its all bare wooden furniture but there is some food on the table and access to the library. For all your sins Tony Blair, this is your room for eternity booms St. Peter locking the door.

Further, much further down the corridor St. Peter shows John Major into a room. Its pleasantly decorated, lots of food laid out and Cindy Crawford is there wearing hardly a thing. A smile (well the best attempt he can make) creeps over John Majors face.Then St. Peter says Cindy Crawford, for all the sins in your lifetime, this is your punishment.

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