3 vampires

Once upon a time, three vampires met in some place in night. Apparently, each one of them was boasting about their vampiric abilities to one another.
Vampire A said, Look at that mansion over there! I can finish all of its inhabitants within 10 minutes!
And so he flew to the mansion, and 9 minutes later, he came back with his mouth filled with blood, looking satisfied with himself.
Vampire B then said, Bah! Look at that village over there! Give me 5 minutes!
He flew to the village, returned at the next 5 minutes, with his mouth filled with dripping red blood.
Vampire C then yelled, Pffft! Look at the TOWN over there! Give me 3 minutes!
He flew to the direction of the town, and one minute later, he returned with his mouth filled with blood.
Vampire A and B stared at him with amazement, then immediately asked, How come you have such speed, friend?
Vampire C pointed at a direction, then asked them, Do you see a building over there?
Yes! answered A and B.
Well I DONT!!!

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