4 Nuns and their notty weekend

There are these 4 nuns who want to have a weekend off. So they ask the Mother Superior and she agrees so long as each nun confesses any sin the moment they return.

After the weekend the 4 nuns are in a line before Mother Superior ready to confess.

The first confesses to seeing a mans penis. The Mother tells her to go drink one sip of holy water and say 3 hail marys.

At this the last nun in the line starts giggling to the annoyance of everyone.

The second nun goes to the Mother and confesses to touching a mans penis. For this the Mother tells her to drink a glass of holy water and say 5 hail marys.

The last nun laughs even louder than before.

Trying to ignore the her, the third nun, approachs the Mother and confess to having sex with a man. For this the Mother sends the nun to bathe in the holy water.

The last nun is now writhing on the floor in hysterics.

The Mother has had enough and ask what the bloody hell she is laughing at, to which the nun replied I peed in the holy water.

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