A caveman and a pithecanthropus

A challenge for a joke on Pithecanthropus met with a suitably lame response:

Brad the caveman was wandering around the steamy jungle when he was attacked by a sabertooth tiger.

During the tussle they both fell into a hole dug by Brads tribe, who were the first ever humans to try this method of catching animals for food. The tribe hearing the noise of the fight raced to the hole, which they called a Pit and were joined by another tribe, who were still using the throw-stones at the animal method.

The Headman from this latter tribe couldnt work out what was going on and looking down thought that Brad must be a new type of man. The Headman grunted nggh mfguk wolhj (or What him be?).

At that moment Brad got the upper hand on the largest member of the cat family and lifting the big pussy up flung it out of the pit.

The Headman of Brads tribe arrived and asked what had happened to which one of his tribe pointed at the hole and said Pit! and then pointing at Brad said He can throw pus. and points at the tiger lying stunned by the side of the hole.

The first Headman believing this to be the answer to his question walked away knowing that Brad was the first Pithecanthropus.

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