A deer hunters story

A friend of mine told me that his brother shot a nice 9-point buck this hunting season. While back at the farm one evening, his twin four year old nephews came for a visit. The uncle, being extremely proud of his prize deer, asked the boys if they would like to see it. They did. So they went down to the machine shed, where the buck was hanging for all to see.

The uncle stepped up to the door of the machine shed, and with his chest puffed out in pride, swung the door of the shed open.

Wow! exclaimed one of the boys. Look at that John Deere tractor!

And the two of them ran over to the tractor, completely ignoring the deer.

Needless to say, the uncles hunting partners are not letting him forget this. I heard a rumor that he is getting a toy John Deere tractor for Christmas this year.

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