A Doggone Good Dog (not offensive)

A man goes to a kennel to buy a hunting dog. This is one of the best hunting dogs I have, said the proprietor. The man looks the dog over and agrees to the purchase.

Several days later he goes duck hunting at a lake. When the first bird is hit and falls into the water, the dog rushes to the edge of the lake and walks on the water to retrieve the duck. Quickly grabbing it with his mouth , the dog again walks on the water and deposits the bird in front of the amazed hunter. This happens again with every bird the hunter shoots.

The next day, the kennel owner is surprised to see the hunter back with the dog. He looked angry and said, I want my money back! This dog is supposed to be a hunting dog but hes no darn good!

The astonished proprietor replies, Gee, Im surprised. This is one of my best dogs. Whats the problem?

This dog isnt a hunting dog, replied the hunter, He cant even swim!

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