Abortion Fines in Ann Arbor

Last year, in anticipation of abortions possibly becoming illegal in Michigan,
Ann Arbor voters passed an amendment to the city charter making the maximum
allowed penalty for getting an illegal abortion a $5 fine. (As a side note, the
same election increased the fine for possessing small quantities of marijuana
from $5 to $25 for a first offense and $100 for a second).

However, the really strange thing about this policy is that its enforcement
would be assigned to the Parking Department.

So I guess this is a way of penalizing excessive parking after 6 p.m..

But what I have to wonder is what theyll do to women who dont pay their
abortion tickets. Since 6 unpaid traffic tickets results in getting your
car booted, will 6 unpaid abortion tickets result in having a chastity belt
put on you?

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