Bill Clinton in Hell

Bill Clinton dies and goes to hell. Satan is giving him a VIP tour, showing him his options for spending eternity.

They come to a room marked Hitler. Inside is Eva Braun, torturing Adolf Hitler with red-hot irons. Every time Hitler tries to escape,

Eva applies another iron.

I cant spend eternity like that, says Clinton. Show me something else.

Satan takes him to another room marked Jack the Ripper.

Inside are three mutilated prostitutes, stretching Jack on the rack.

Every time Jack screams, the whores turn the wheel a little more.

I cant spend eternity like that, either, says Clinton. Show me something better.

Satan takes Bill to the last door.

Inside, Kenneth Starr is being held up to the wall with chains around his wrists. At his groin is Monica Lewinsky giving him oral sex.

Bill smiles. Yes! he shouts, thats for me.

Satan smirks and says Good choice, Mr. President.

He looks down at Monica and says…

You can get up now, Honey. Weve finally found your replacement!

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