Bob in the back

This guy has lived up in the mountains for a long time. He hikes down to this bar and goes in and says, Bartender, I have to get laid.

The bartender says, Well, all we have is Bob in the back.

The guy says, No way man! I dont go for that gay stuff, and hikes back up the mountain.

About a year later, he hikes down to the bar again and says, Bartender, I have got to get laid!

The bartender says, Well, like I told you before, all we have is Bob in the back.

The guy again tells the bartended that he isnt gay. However, as he has a couple of beers, he starts thinking about how long its been since he was with a woman, and finally asks the bartender, Listen, if I do this, whos going to know about it? I mean, I dont want people to think Im gay.

The bartender says, The only ones who will know about it are you, me, and the two guys holding down Bob, because he aint gay either.

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