Bovine Family

From Dick Reboulet, circa 1966:

A prize bull and a prize cow got together and decided theyd have a little
prize calf. So they did. When he was born, they decided hed have the
best of everything–food, education, … So they kept him in a little
compound separated from the hoi polloi. But as he reached puberty, he
looked out through the chain-link fence at all the cows out there, and
drooled. He would back up to the far corner of his pen, and study the
top of the barbed-wire topped fence. He always concluded he couldnt
make it. But one day, he decided he was big and strong enough. He backed
up to the farthest corner, and ran like hell. He jumped over the fence,
and made it, almost. Just then, papa bull came ambling along the fence
line, noticed his son bleeding, noticed what was hanging on the barbed
wire atop the fence, noticed his son bleeding … At last he consoled
his son: Dont worry, son, you can always be a consultant.

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