Cajun humor

on the subject of cajuns and lake charle
as we were discussing earlier……..

Jean Paul and Beaudry, two Louisiana natives, were the best
of friends. They had grown up together in the backwoods and did
everything together; huntin, fishin, drinkin, just everything.
One day they arrived home from a night of coon huntin and Beaudry
found his wife not at home. He waited and then called around looking
for her, but never could locate her. He called on his friend Jean Paul
and called his wifes church friends and the sheriff, but no one knew
where she was. After three days Beaudry became despondant and depressed.
that afternoon Jean Paul came by and found his compadre sitting on the
porch, his eyes red and strained from worry.

Beaudry my frien, Jean Paul placed a firm hand on his buddys
shoulder. I have good news and bad news .

Oh no. Tell me Jean Paul. I know it must be about my wife.

Im afraid so. I was out with the sheriff and his deputy this
morning and we found her car. She had gone through the guard rail
and sunk into cottonmouth bayou.

OH MY LORD! Beaudry wailed I just knew it would be like this!
My poor Yvonne! How will I make it without her! He cradled his head
in his arms and began to sob. Jean Paul did his best to comfort him,
as they sat there on the porch.Jean Paul, you mentioned some good news.
Please.. tell it to me. I need to hear something comforting in the midst
of all my sorrow.

Well, Jean Paul said,when we pulled her up out of the water
we found 16 crawdad and 4 blue crab latched onto her, so we gonna float
her out again tonight !

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