Cannibal Tests

One day, three men were walking through the jungle when they were captured by cannibals. They were taken before the cannibal king who said they shall be executed and then eaten. The king said they could avoid this terrible fate if they could past the ancient tribal tests. So, the three men agreed to take the tests. The king said for the first part of the test they must go into the jungle and gather ten fruits of the same variety and bring them back. So, escorted by cannibals, the three men went off in different directions to get their fruits.
The first man returned carrying ten apples. The king said for the second part of the test, the men must put all ten fruits up his anal tract without making any facial expressions. So, the man put the first apple in without any problems, but on the second apple he flinched with pain. So, the cannibals killed him and ate him, and the man went to heaven.
The second man returned carrying ten little berries. The king explained to him the rules. So, the man began. 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8, but on the 9th berry he broke out in laughter. So, the cannibals killed him and ate him, and he went to heaven.
Well, the second man and the first man met in heaven. The first man asked, Man, why did you laugh? You almost pulled it off.
To which the second man replied, I couldnt help it. I got to the 9th berry, and I noticed the other guy brought back watermelons.

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