Wrong number can prove costly

ABILENE – When two prostitutes attempted to return a call to a potential customer, they got a wrong number that landed them in jail. Taylor County deputies said the women mistakenly paged a narcotics agent last Wednesday afternoon.

They were one digit off, and they got the policeman instead of the john that they were looking to make some money from, sheriffs Sgt. Earl Donnell told the Abilene Reporter-News.

When the agent, who didnt recognize the number on his pager, returned the call he quickly realized the woman on the phone wanted to talk a little dirty business.

He said she told him that he and a friend could have two sexual acts performed for the bargain price of $40 apiece The skys the limit is what they told me, the agent said. It went a little further, and I told her Id call her back.

The agent set up taping equipment. Then, after picking up the women at a motel agents revealed their identity and arrested them. Said Donnell, Just the look on their faces was a sight to behold when they realized they had paged a police officer.

Source: Houston Chronicle

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