Cavalry Horse (explicit language)

A cavalry batallion has just been assigned a new Sargeant. The guy is a mean s.o.b. who wants to whip the troops into shape. He commands that they clean up the base.

Right before he leaves, the sargeant sees this ratty old nasty horse and says, And for Gods sakes… get rid of this old horse.

Later that night a private comes to the sargeant and pleads his case. Sarge, I know that old horse is nasty but theres no women around and the old horse is the only thing we got.

The sargeant sympathizes and allows them to keep the horse. A few weeks later the sarge is gettin the old itch, so he decides hes gonna give it a shot. He says, Private… prepare the horse.

He gets up on a stool and really has his way with this horse. When he finishes he says, So private, is that the way the men do it?

The private responds, Well Sir… we usually ride it into town to the whorehouse but I guess that could work too…

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