Christopher James Reincke and his e-mail to the president

Q: Whats the dumbest thing you can do with e-mail?

A: Ask Christopher James Reincke about his message to President Clinton:

I am curious, Bill, how you would feel about being the first president to be killed on the same day as his wife… You will die soon…

He signed it Overlord. Sure he sent it anonymously, but anonymous e-mail is for protecting yourself from nasty, late-night phone calls, not the Secret Service.

With help from the university, they tracked him down and arrested him. He was released without bail, pending a hearing, and faces five years in jail and up to a $250,000 fine. Dont try this at home.

(Interned World, July/August, 1994: 17)

Which of the following are true about Christopher James Reincke:

Believes that Rush Limbaugh gives a balanced report of news
Tells ugly Chelsea jokes
Member of Young Americans for Freedom and College Republicans
Believes that American has lost its moral moorings, like respect for elders, civility, family values
Believes that the Christian Coalition is a progressive political movement that will SAVE America
Agrees with the Klu Klux Klan, but objects to their style of dress
Agrees with the Skinheads, but he doesnt like their haircuts
Opposed to abortion except in the case of his girlfriend and sister
Believes that homosexuals are disgusting even if they are veterans who vote Republican
Believes that Hillary is a bitch and a dyke
Believes that Bill is a greedy communist and a lying wimp coward
Favors capital punishment for murder and treason
Believes that liberals and Democrats are un-American traitors
Opposed to the Equal Rights Amendment because he believe women should have more protection than men
Believes that Dennys should be allowed to serve only people who match Dennys market profile
Believes that Pat Robinson and Jerry Falwell are great gospel ministers
Believes that America is a Christian country
Believes that all Jews should eventually move to Israel
Believes that black and mixed colored people should have their own neighborhoods and schools because thats what they want
Believes that the only white males who vote for Democrats are Jews, Unitarians, atheists, homosexuals, cross-eyed communists, and/or stupid brain-washed dupes
Believes that the courts are soft on criminals
Believes that Oliver North was framed
Believes that he was framed
Is re-evaluating his support of canning as a form of criminal punishment
Would cheer if he heard that Bill or Hillary had been killed
Doesnt think Bill, Hillary, liberals, Democrats, or Secret Service agents have a sense of humor like he does

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