Cleaning the Outhouse

Little Johnny ran into the house one day and exclaimed to his mother:Mom! I found a way to clean out the outhouse hole so that we dont have to dig another one. Said Little JohnnyWhy thats great Little Johnny. How are you going to do it? Said MomIts simple really. I just put three sticks of dynamite in the hole and lit the fuse! Everything will get blown out and we wont have to dig another hole this year! Beamed Little Johnny.Oh Jesus Christ help us! Youre father is in there! Shouted MomAbout that time there was a terrible boom and crap went flying everywhere! Little Johnny and Mom went running outside to check if his Dad had survived.When they got to where the outhouse USED to be, they heard a moaning sound from up in a tree. They looked up and lo and behold, there was Little Johnnys Dad lying across a limb about 30 feet up.When he saw them looking up at him, Little Johnnys Dad became frantic and started screaming: Run for your lives! For Gods sake RUN!I might let another one!

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