Clinton Drowns?

One day Bill Clinton was out jogging and he accidentally tripped and fell off a bridge into the cold water below. Three 10 year old boys were playing along the river and saw him fall in so they all jumped in and dragged him to shore.

Clinton was so thankful that he told each of them, Boys, you just saved the President of the United States and each of you deserve a reward. You guys just name it.

The first boy says, I want to go to Disneyland! Ill take you there myself in Air Force One! exclaims Bill.

The second boy says, I want a brand new pair of autographed Nike Air Jordans. Ill buy them for you myself, says Bill.

And I want a motorized wheelchair with a stereo built into it with custom speakers the third boy says.

The president looks at the boy and says, But, son, you dont look like you are handicapped to me.

The boy replies, Im going to be when my dad finds out I saved your ass from drowning!

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