Coca-Cola vs. Pepsi Cola (true story)

Pepsi proceeded to build factories in many of the former Soviet states way before its great rival, Coca-Cola Company got on the market there.

So, when Coca-Cola opened their first factory in Georgia, the company decided to promote it as much as they could. Thus they proceeded to invite Eduard Shevarnadze, the president of the country for the celebration, and he agreed to be there.

The great day came, the first bottle of Coke was about to roll off from the assembly line, the president of the country, the national TV channels cameras and reporters were all there.

The first bottle arrives, they open it, and hand it to Mr. Shevarnadze. He picks it up, sips some, with the whole country watching, and with a smile which cheers the heart of Cokes marketing manager he says Great taste … just like Pepsi!

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