Cool Things to Do in a Shower Stall

1. Enter the stall. Shower for about 3 minutes, then scream really loudly,

exclaiming, I didnt know I had one of THOSE!

2. Enter the stall, fully clothed. Do not undress and make sure you clothes

get all wet & soapy. Complain when leaving the bathroom that your shirt

tends to bleed all over.

3. Ask Scottie to beam you up.

4. Enter the stall, undress and then re-dress up as Superman. Leap out of

the stall, vengefully vow to stop Lex Luthors evil plot, then run full

force into the wall. Stand up, shake your head, and proceed to take your


5. Bring a bottle of fake blood or ketchup into the shower with you. Exclaim

Ow, you know, it really hurts when you pop one of those. Then let the

blood/ketchup seep down the drain for all to see.

6. Look over the edge to the person showering next to you, giggle, and then

return to your side, whistling the tune Its a Small World After All.

7. Bring in a rubber chicken. Get it all soapy, then toss in into the next

stall. Demand that the person in that stall returns it to you, or you will

cast a voodoo curse on them. The next day, hang the chicken from the

bathroom lighting fixtures by a noose and stick numerous pins and forks

in it.

8. Have a seizure. Bang against the walls of the stall really hard. Try to

knock them down. If anyone later asks if you are okay, just say that you had

some Mexican Jumping Fava Beans and they were reacting negatively with your


9. Bring a chunk of sodium metal. Leave it in the stall for the next person


10. Bring a balloon into the shower. Make the balloon squeak for the

duration of your bathing experience. Then pop it, and fall to the ground.

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