Crocodile Shoes

One day, a blonde is out shopping and decides to stop in at a shoe store. After shes been there for awhile, she finds a pair of crocodile skin shoes that she loves. She asks the cashier how much they are, and when he answers, she decides that she cant afford them. So she leaves.
A few hours later, the cashier is driving home from work, when he sees the same woman on the side of the road, next to a huge body of water. Hes a bit surprised, so he pulls over to see if shes okay. But before he has time to ask her, he notices shes got a huge gun in her hands, and is shooting into the water. Then he sees that she has a huge pile of dead crocodiles beside her.
She shoots into the water again, killing yet another crocodile, pulls it out and yells Damn! This ones not wearing shoes either!

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