Des Pardes

In Des – A woman who gives you your underwear and towel when you go to take shower.

In Pardes – A woman who yells at you not to leave tub dirty when you go to take a bath.

In Des – A teenager, who without asking will carry your grocery bags from the market.

In Pardes – A teenager, who suddenly remembers he has lot of homework when you start mowing the lawn.

In Des – A lovely doll, who brings tears to your eyes when she is getting married.

In Pardes – A lovely doll, who brings you to tears long before any marriage.

In Des – A woman who defends you and cares for you, but would not dare to go against your fathers wishes for you.

In Pardes – A women who is a sucker for anything you want, especially if dads against it.

In Des – A person you are afraid of, and who is never to be disobeyed.

In Pardes – A person to whom you pretend to obey, after all he is the one paying your college tuition.

Desi Engineer:
In Des – A person with a respectable job and lots of upper ki kamai.

In Pardes – A person without a secure job, who always dreams one day he will be rich.

Desi Doctor:
In Des – A respectable person with reasonably good income.

In pardes – A money making machine, who has a money spending machine at home called doctor di biwi.

In Des – A vigorous Punjabi folk dance.

In Pardes – A desi dance you do, when you dont know how to dance.

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