Courses every woman would like their man to take!

Combatting stupidity
You too can do housework
PMS – Learning when to keep your mouth shut
How to fill an ice tray
We dont want sleazy underthings for X-mas… Give us money
Understanding the female response to you coming in at drunk at 4:00am
wonderful laundry techniques (formally titled Dont wash my silks)
Parenting – no, it doesnt end with conception
Get a life – learn to cook
How not to act like an asshole when youre obviously wrong
Spelling – even you can get it right
Understanding your financial incompetence
You – the weaker sex
Reasons to give flowers
How to stay awake after sex
Why it is unacceptable to relieve yourself anywhere but in the washroom
Garbage – getting it to the curb
You can fall asleep without it if you really try
The morning dilemma – if its awake, take a shower
Ill wear it if I damn well please
How to put the toilet lid down
Give me a break! – Why we know your excuses are bullshit
The weekend and sports are not synonyms
How to go shopping with your mate without getting lost
The remote control – overcoming your dependence
Romanticism – other ideas besides sex
Helpful postural hints for couch potatoes
Mothers-in-laws – they are people too
How not to act younger than your children
You too can be a designated driver
Male bonding – leaving your friends at home
Honest, you dont look like Mel Gibson – especially when naked
Changing your underwear – it really works
The attainable goal – Omitting %$#@+! from your vocabulary
Fluffing the blankets after farting is not neccessary

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