Dieting news: Monica Lewinsky and the Jenny Craig dieting system

In dieting news, Monica Lewinsky is the new spokes-model for the Jenny Craig dieting system. Pictures are being shown of a pre- and post-Jenny Craig Monica.

A second round of advertising will be showing her dress, before and after the dry-cleaning. I dont know what the ad slogan is going to be for this particular campaign, but I suspect that it will not be as tasteless as it should be.

Monicas Jenny Craig diet tip #1: Taste, but dont swallow.

Tip#2: If you cant remember the name of the President, dont worry as it is on the tip of your tongue.

Tip#3: As you go down, so will your weight.

Tip#4: There are other choices, the only thing you shouldnt blow is your diet.

And finally tip#5: Dont be a sucker for other diet plans, go to Jenny Craig.

I guess it is the lure of money that brought Monica to Jenny Craig … She is already known for keeping up with the Johnsons, so it is time to keep up with the Jones.

(c)2000 The Reverend Shayne Dark

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