Female Software Engineers (FSE)

Facts that all budding Male Software Engineers (MSE) must know regarding Female Software Engineers (FSE) (Applicable to all SEs who have 0-3 years of experience in S/W industry.)

The probability that a FSE is beautiful is 0.004562314 and viceversa.

The miniscule proportion of the beautiful FSEs are either engaged or married.

An FSE will always ask a doubt to which you know the answer; to the MSE sitting next to you.

You will not know the answer to the doubt an FSE asks you.

An FSE will always phone you when you are not in your seat.

The probability that an FSE will send you an e-mail regarding something other than work is 0.0321459.

An MSE will always select an FSE in an interview if he feels she is more beautiful than his colleague FSEs. The probability that the FSE will get thru in the second round is 0.

An MSE will always brag about a beautiful FSE he selected in an interview. The probability that he will receive swear words after the FSE failed in the second round is close to 99%.

An FSE will never select another FSE in an interview if she feels the candidate is more beautiful than her.

The number of MSEs behind a (Miss _your company_) FSE is exactly equal to the number of MSEs in your company. The question of her marriage/engagement doesnt arise here.

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