Freeze, turkey

A woman went into a pet shop and said to the man, I want a parrot
but sell me one that definitely talks.

The man sold her a parrot, saying, This one definitely talks.

The woman took him home, set his cage up on a table and said to
the parrot, Ok, talk.

The parrot said, Show me your tits. The woman was outraged. So
she put him in the refrigerator. After a while, she took him out
and said, So talk.

Again, the parrot said, Show me your tits. The woman, to show
the parrot his place, put him in the fridge for a longer time and
the same thing happened. She was quite annoyed. This time she
put him in the freezer.

There was a turkey in the freezer. The parrot said to the turkey,
How did you get here? Did you ask for a blowjob?

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