Funny linguistics

This is a list of humourous linguistics in various languages that
Ive encountered:

In America, if you want to split the cost of an evening out, you say
you are going Dutch, since the Dutch are well known for their
frugality. The Dutch, on the other hand, call the same arrangement
op zn Amerikaans (going American) because the Americans are
known for their egalitarian nature!

In English, the bird turkey was named as though it came from Turkey.
In Turkish, the bird is named hindi as though it came from Hindistan,
which is Turkish for India. (Any Hindi speakers wish to comment on
the Hindi name of a turkey?)

Also, in Turkish, the word for cannibal is yam yam, pronounced
yum yum as if it tasted good. Really.

French fries arent really French. In fact, they were invented by the
English (so greasy, you know), who call them chips. The French call
them pommes frites or fried apples [of the earth].

In Wien (the German name for Vienna), they like to eat Frankforters.
In Frankfort, they eat the same thing, but call them Wieners.

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