Gambling and Atlantic City

No one can tell me the Internets not educational. So far, Ive learned that Spanish is not the official language of Brazil and now, thanks to 57 kind souls, I know there are only 36 numbers on a roulette wheel. I thought Id better brush-up on gambling:

The closest mecca of chance to me is Atlantic City. People used to go there to get tanned – now they go to get faded.

A compulsive gambler I know took a 9 to 5 job in Atlantic City. He didnt like the work so much, but the odds were pretty good.

A manhole cover blew off and rose into the air. As it was still airborne, a fellow yells, Two to one its heads.

If youve never been to Atlantic City, you can gamble just about anywhere in the city. One young lady went to a laundromat and lost all her clothes.

But gambling is not confined to a particular city – its all over. I used to work with a fellow who only made mental bets. He ended up losing his mind.

At Boulder Dam, near Las Vegas, they recently installed slot machines. Fellow hit the jackpot the other day and won ten million gallons of water.

Fellow in Las vegas was winning big at the roulette table. He told his wife, Tonite, you sleep with a rich man. Before long though, he had lost everything.br>As they left the casino, his wife said, Am I to go to this rich guys room, or is he coming to ours ?

Cards are big in small towns all over the country. A fellow arrived home at dawn and was greeted by his wife: Dont you dare come home at this hour & tell me youve been up all nite with a sick friend holding his hand.
The husband sadly shook his head and replied, If Id have been holding his hand, Id be a LOT richer right now.

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