Gas problems at farmers house

A young man goes to pick up his date at her farm. Having eaten beans for lunch, he is afflicted with the gas. When he arrives, the gruff old man advises him that his date is not ready, and hell have to wait. He doesnt say much else. The young man attempts to strike up a conversation about the weather, the crops, the dog, etc., to no avail.

Soon, the young man has to fart. It occurs to him to go over and pet the dog, and let it out quietly, then the old guy will think the dog did it. Unfortunately, it makes a good braaaap.

The old man looks over and says Duuuuke! Delighted that his ploy has worked, the young man continues to hang out by the dog.

Pretty soon, another leaks out, and again the old man chides Duuuuke!. Now sure that he isnt going to be blamed for the flatulence, the next time, the young man rips out a wall-shaker.

At this, the old man glares over at them, and hollers Duke! Git away from that boy before he shits all over you!

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