Getting a job at Circus

This young guy comes into the office/wagon of the circus master: I can climb up the center pole and dive off into space, NO NET, land on my head in center ring, and jump up and take a bow. How bout them apples?

How much are you asking for this spectacle? asks the circus master.

Just 200 bucks a show, says the young guy.

I dont know. Ill have to see it first, says the circus master.

The acrobat climbs up, dives off, lands on his head, and jumps up and waves, although a bit wobbly.

OK, for 200 bucks a shot, its a deal, says the circus master.

Oh, no! Not 200! 500! says the acrobat.

What? You said 200!

I know I said 200, but that was before I tried it!

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