Getting married (adult theme)

These three brothers all got married on the same day and all went to the same location for their honeymoon. That evening, they got together without their wives and were bragging about how much shagging they were going to do that night. They eventually came to an agreement that they would use some form of code words the next morning, in front of their wives, to let each other know how they had got on the previous evening.

Anyhow, the next morning came, and the three exhausted men were at the breakfast table with their wives. The waiter came over and asked the first what he wanted for breakfast and he replied: Ill have TWO slices of toast please!

The other two knew what he meant and they subtley smiled to themselves.

When the second was asked, he replied: Ill have THREE slices of toast please!

The third brother at this point subtley smiled again and when he was asked, he replied: Ill have FOUR slices of white… and THREE slices of brown

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