Getting spanked with radio aerial

A young man was driving along in his van, and spotted an attractive woman, hitch-hiking. He stopped to pick her up. It is beyond me, how such things come about, but they ended up in the back of the van.

Have you got a whip? Asked the woman. He had not.

Havent you got anything you could use instead? He thought for a while, went outside, and fetched the radio aerial. This proved quite adequate, and the had a good time.

A couple of weeks later, the man developed an nasty rash around his genitals. After scratching for a while, he eventually went to his doctor, who examined him, but was at a loss to account for it.

Havent you done anything, recently, which could have caused it? He asked, whereupon, our hero told him, with some embarrassment, about his adventure with the hitch-hiker.

In that case, said the doctor, its perfectly clear you have a nasty dose of van aerial disease!

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