Golf and Sex Joke

So there are three golfers, (Bob, Max, and Ted) who are looking for a
fourth. Bob mentions that his friend George is a pretty good golfer, so
they decide to invite him for the following Saturday.

Sure, Id love to play, says George, but I may be about ten minutes
late, so wait for me.

So Saturday rolls around. Bob, Max, and Ted arrive promptly at 9:00,
and find George already waiting for them. He plays right-handed, and
beats them all. Quite pleased with their new fourth, they ask him if
hed like to play again the following Saturday.

Yeah, sounds great, says George. But I may be about ten minutes
late, so wait for me.

The following Saturday, again, all four golfers show up on time, but
this time George plays left-handed, and beats them all. As theyre
getting ready to leave, George says:

See you next Saturday. But I may be about ten minutes late, so wait
for me.

Every week, George is right on time, and plays great with whichever
hand he decides to use. And every week, he departs with the same

After a couple months, Ted is pretty tired of this routine, so he
says, Wait a minute, George. Every week you say you may be about ten
minutes late, but youre right on time. And you beat us either
left-handed or right-handed. Whats the story?

Well, George says, Im kind of superstitious. When I get up in the
morning, I look at my wife. If shes sleeping on her left side, I play
left-handed. And if shes sleeping on her right side, I play

So what do you do if shes sleeping on her back? Bob asks.

Then Im about ten minutes late, George answers.

Pete Granger

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