Golf humor

Three guys get together every Saturday to go to the local Country Club to play golf. One Saturday morning, the pro approaches them and asks if they would mind if a new member could join in with them for the day. They agree to give it a try and the four go off to play golf.

The new guy plays left handed and has a great round. The group decides that they had such a good time that they invite the new guy to join in again the following week. The new guy says hed love to, but he might be a couple of minutes late. They tell him that thats no problem and they all go home.

The next week, the new guy is there right on time and this time plays right handed. Again they all have a great time and invite him for the following week. He again tells them that he would love to but might be a couple of minutes late.

This goes on for several weeks with the new guy golfing both right and left handed. Finally, one of the original threesome cant stand it anymore and asks him, How do you figure out whether you should golf right handed or left?.

The new guy replies, Thats easy. When I wake up in the morning, I look over at my wife. If she is laying on her right side, I golf right handed. If she is laying on her left side, I golf left handed.

Well what if she is laying on her back?

Oh, thats when Im a couple of minutes late.

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