Haunted Husband

There was once this couple who had been married for a long time, but could never get along very well. Many times, late at night there would be screams and shouts from their house. One day the old man said, “Im sick and tired of you. When I die, I will come out of my grave to haunt you.” After this, the old guy started practising black magic. All the dissapeareces of people, cats, dogs, etc. were blamed on him. At the age of 80 the old guy dies, and his wife puts him in a casket. Later that night, she goes to the bar and parties as if there was no tomorrow. Her neighbour comes up to her and says, “Arent you scared that the old guy will dig up and haunt you?” The old lady camly replied, “Eh, let him keep digging. I put the casket the other way around.”

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