Honeymooners (off to Elderly)

This couple gets married and finally reach their honeymoon suite after a long love story. When they reached the hotel the younger bride told her older husband that she is going to go into the bathroom to freshen up a little bit and slip into something a little more sexy. She goes into the bathroom and comes back wearing this beautiful lingerie.

As soon as she tried to arouse her husband, he blows a kiss on her hand and turns around and goes to sleep !!

She thought that he may be embarrassed; so she waited till the next day.

The same thing happened the next day when he returned from work!! And continued for the rest of the week! At the end she gave up, and as soon as he returned one afternoon from work, she gave him her hand to kiss her as usual, but he replyed:

Not tonight Honey I am having a Headache!

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