Horse and Chicken

So there was this horse and a chicken that lived on a farm. The horse and the chicken were in fact two very good friends. One day the horse fell into a mud hole that he could not get out of. The chicken saw this and said, What should I do?,What should I do?. and the horse replies,Go get the farmers BMW and a rope so that you can pull me out.

So, the chicken runs and gets the BMW and a rope. He drives it back, ties the rope to the horse and the other end to the car. The chicken puts the car in gear and pulls the horse out. Wow, the horse said. Thanks alot out there.

So one day the chicken falls into the hole. Help, Help he is saying.Go get the farmers BMW and a rope to pull me out! The horse said, No need….I just straddle the hole and you hold onto my dick and pull me out OK said the chicken. So the chicken grabs a hold of his dick and is pulled out.

What is the MORAL of the story?

You dont need a BMW to pick up chicks, if you are hung like a horse.

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