Husband pimping his wife for the first time

John and Mary get married. They are in love, but they are poor (cue music). While trying desperately to make ends meet, Mary hits on a lucrative but hardly novel idea.

John, she peeped. I have an idea to help us pay off our bills and start that savings account.

John, being a practical man and loving his new wife dearly, listens attentively.

John, Im willing to have sex for money to help us out.

John, at first, is shocked by the idea. This is his wife, after all. But, with Marys coaxing and his own dismay at being broke, he caves.

He makes one stipulation: Ill get the men for you, he vows stolidly. Ill set everything up and protect you.

So, as it happens in jokes like this, John finds Marys first trick. They meet in a diner downtown to discuss the final arrangements…

Hes waiting in the hotel across the street. Heres the room number. Dont take any crap. If he gives you any trouble, Im right here.

Mary enters the hotel, finds the room and meets her man.

So, how much is it? asks the man.

In a panic, Mary says, Wait right here. Ill be right back!

She darts across the street and asks her husband. He says, Charge him $100.

Mary runs back across the street and tells the man.

But, Ive only got $70. How much can I get for that?

Of course, Mary doesnt know. She heads back across the street and again asks her husband. He says, Just give him a blow job.

Mary returns and informs the man. He seems satisfied with this and begins to undress, revealing a 12 inch erection.

Mary stares, asks him to wait and runs back across the street to her husband.

John is amazed that she is back again. Whats wrong? Is everything okay?

Oh, everything is great. But … can we lend him $30?

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