Hymn Happy

The Dentists Hymn
Crown Him with Many CrownsThe TV Weathermans Hymn
There Shall be Showers of BlessingThe Contractors Hymn
The Churchs one FoundationThe Tailors Hymn
Holy, Holy, HolyThe Golfers Hymn
There is a Green Hill Far AwayThe Politicians Hymn
Standing on the PromisesThe Optometrists Hymn
Open Mine Eyes that I Might SeeThe IRS Hymn
All to TheeThe Gossipers Hymn
Pass it OnThe Electricians Hymn
Send the LightThe Shoppers Hymn
Sweet by and by
If you MUST speed on the highway — sing these hymns loudly:at 45 mph…
God Will Take Care of Meat 55 mph…
Guide me, O Great Jehovahat 65 mph…
Nearer My God to Theeat 75 mph…
Nearer Still Nearerat 85 mph…
This World is not my Homeat 95 mph…
Lord, Im Coming Homeat 100 mph…
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