I see things differently…

(This is a joke told by the Greaseman, a DJ on DC-101, a Washington radio

Once upon a time, there was a woman working at a lingerie counter, and
a customer came to the counter with a pair of frilly panties and said
shed like to buy them, adding, but only of you can embroider If
you can read this, youre too close. on the back.

So, the saleswoman took the panties to the tailor in back, and described the
rather unusual request.

The tailor said, Well, she sounds like a stick in the mud, but I can do
that. Does she want block letters or script?

Since the saleswoman didnt know, she went back around to the counter, and
asked, do you want that in block letters or script?

The customer replied, with a smile, Braille.

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