Irishman and 100 little colourful budgies

There was this Irishman and he went into the pet shop and asked the owner if he had any budgies? The pet shop owner showed him multitudes of the beautiful coloured birds. How many do you have? asked the Irishman.

Well, we have a hundred all together said the owner. Ill take them all! Said the Irishman. Well, the Irishman just so happened to be wearing a very special waistcoat, with 100 little pockets in the front, and into each one he put one of the colourful little Budgies.

The Irishman then left the shop took a taxi to the Post Office Tower in London, took the lift to the top, stood on the roof an jumped off!

Well, you can imagine what happened! Kersplat! The Irishman landed in a heap at the bottom!

His friend Shamus, who had gone with the man, rushed up to his stricken friend shouting, Paddy, Paddy, what did you do that for???

And his friend Paddy croaked, Jesus, Shamus, this Budgie Jumpings not all its cracked up to be!

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