ISlAmaBAD Airport?

(source: Rex Loring, former RAF pilot)

Air-to-ground conversation involving BOAC pilot approaching Karachi
(Pakistan) International Airport:

Pilot: Speedbird 7-0-7 here. Request permission to land on runway 42-

Tower: Sorry, Speedbird 7-0-7. Runway 42-Left is closed. There was an
unfortunate incident yesterday. But you are cleared for landing on runway

Pilot: Roger Karachi tower. Proceeding on approach pattern.

[As the pilot enters final approach, he is appalled to see a 747 taking
off from that runway and heading straight at him. After taking violent
evasive action, the conversation resumes]

Pilot: Karachi Tower. What is going on ?? You cleared me for landing
on runway 19-Right, but there was another plane taking off from there !!!

Tower: Oh dear. I do hope we will not have a repeat of yesterday.

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