Jewish Laws

An ultra Orthodox couple met their rabbi at their temple to consult their upcoming wedding. they had one problem that they needed to ask the rabbi about.

Rabbi, said the man, my fiance and I really want to dance together at our celebration, can we?

Absolutely not! replied the rabbi The men and women have to dance seperately to be modest and dignified!

Fine, says the woman. Then a huge question comes up on her mind. Can we have sex?

Absolutely, says the rabbi, reproduction is a mitzvah!

Even before marriage? says the man.

Its all a mitzvah.

Woman on top?

A mitzvah.

On the kitchen table?

It still doesnt change the fact that its a mitzvah, so go right ahead.

How about standing up?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! yells the rabbi.

Why? both partners ask?

Could lead to dancing.

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