Jewish skinhead kicks own ass

CLEVELAND, OH (DPI) – Police were called to 234 Southbend Crescent her early yesterday to break up a savage hate-motivated, single-person beating. In custody is self-mutilator Mark Richmond, a member of the neo-Nazi Southbend skinhead gang, who apparently learned late Monday that he was in fact adopted from a Jewish family.

We told him his real name is Moishe Lowenstein, says father David Richmond. He took it pretty hard. He stayed up all night drinking and around 6 this morning we heard him yelling at himself. But we never thought it would lead to this.

Apparently Mr. Richmond-Lowenstein began cursing himself and accused himself of being part of a worldwide Jew conspiracy.

His abuse then escalated into punching and face scratching until he finally threw himself through a first story kitchen window.

Glass was everywhere. Were really shaken by this, says his adoptive mother Helen. And being a Jew, I doubt hell pay for it. You know how those people are.

Mr. Richmond-Lowenstein is currently being held in protective custody after vowing there would be trouble if I ever see myself around here again.

– Robert Payne

(c) The Daily Probe

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