Lets bash some hippies

I usually do jokes about the 50s because there wasnt much humorous in the US during the 60s, except for the hippies:

Male Hippies were the guys with the long hair. Actually, it probably came in handy – they didnt have to buy shirts

It really bothered me seeing them comb their shoulder length hair around food – and the girls were just as bad

Every morning at the bus & train stations you could see the hippie chicks using the rest rooms to dirty-up a little

The hippie chicks of that era really didnt have much taste in clothes – Id seen poultry dressed better

And all of the hippies could carry their medicine cabinets right along with them – in brown paper bags

Im not sure which was worst, their body odor or their breath; with all the drugs used, if they breathed on ya, youd go limp

Theres still some old hippies around, but instead of drugs, theyre snorting prunes and Maalox now

Even back then, the hippies tried to legalize marijuana; but… they kept forgetting where they left the petitions

One hippie mixed the ashes from his cremated ex with pot – said it was the only time she ever made him feel good

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